Working from home can be super beneficial to your work life balance if done correctly. A productive work environment will not only increase your work ethic but keep a sense of calm to an otherwise hectic work week. We have provided some tips below, to help you create an organised office space that works for you!

Creating a space

First things first find a space to be your dedicated work area, this will help to set barriers to keep a healthy balance of work life and home life. If possible, we highly suggest having a separate room for your work space, a home office is ideal but if a separate office space isn’t an option, a quiet nook or area that isn’t in a high-foot traffic area will work perfectly.

You could also consider incorporating a desk in to the living area or transforming one end of the dining table. Remember to keep these working from home spaces organised and clutter free as this will help to create an inspiring work environment that keeps you focused.

Create a Productive Home Office Environment

Now, let’s talk storage!

Storage in your home office is imperative, especially if you’re in a common area, as this will help keep your space organised and functional. Our Inabox modular containers and insert trays ensure everything has a spot. The comfort of knowing where everything is located will not only save you time but also increase your productivity. Having an organised work space can bring a sense of calm while you’re working from home without meditation or yoga, to best achieve this keep only essential items in front of you and store the remainder away.

Stay productive with these simple yet effective tips

  • Keep your space organised, maintaining the integrity of your work space will instill a sense of achievement before you even lift a finger.
  • Curate a fulfilling morning routine! Keeping a routine is going to help you stay on track immensely when working from home.
  • Take your breaks and have clear start and finish times! Working from home can blur the line between personal and work life.
  • Take half an hour at the end of each work week to re-organise your space! This will help you get a head start on the week ahead and keep Monday morning hassle free.

Create a Productive Home Office Environment

Working from home allows you a little more flexibility; run errands you may not have been able to do during your lunch break, prepare a slow cooked roast and watch it simmer away while you work, put on a load of washing – it certainly has its perks!

There you have it – our tips on maintaining an enjoyable working from home space even if it’s just a couple of days a week. If you’re looking for more storage tips and tricks head over here to our Inabox blog for all things storage.

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