See our top tips on how to manage post-Christmas chaos and restore order to your home.

After Christmas and the festive season, we can experience a bit of chaos at home. We have enjoyed the festivities, decorations, gathering with family and friends and are now left with a lot of tinsel and toys from Santa to pack away.

When it comes to packing away Christmas decorations, it’s a good idea to create a dedicated system for storage. For example, pack all your tinsel and green foliage in one box, baubles and ornaments in another and any larger decoration in their own dedicated tub. Always wrap delicate objects in newspaper as this will help to protect your decoration from being damaged.

Inabox Heavy Duty insert tray for storage boxes

If you are storing your decoration in the garage or attic, our Heavy Duty tubs are perfect for the job. They have a robust design and construction and are easily stackable, meaning that your precious belongings will be safe.

Our Heavy Duty Insert Trays are also great, as they nest neatly on top of our Heavy Duty tubs, meaning you can store larger objects in the bottom of the tub and smaller objects such as baubles and Christmas tree ornaments in the tray compartments.

inabox storage solution - Christmas deco organising

If you are storing your decoration inside the home in a linen cupboard or spare bedroom, our Home tubs offer an aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Allowing you to store away your decoration for next year, while also looking stylish.

There are a variety of sizes in the range, that allow you to nest smaller boxes within larger ones, creating compartments for easy organising.

inabox Home tub - kids toy organising

After Christmas, you might find that the toys in the home have doubled…and have taken over most of your floor space. Our new Desert Clay and Cactus Blue Home tubs are perfect for storing toys as they allow for tubs to nest within each other and are available in two fun colourways, adding a pop of colour. For more information around how to give your kids room a tidy up, check out our dedicated blog here!

We hope these tips were useful and help you to organise your home for the New Year! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our design blog!

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