We’re excited to share a recent partnership with Professional Organiser, Anita Birges, also known on Instagram as@Mise_en_place_aus! In this collaboration, Anita helped one of her clients move house with the support of our handy QR Stickers and Organise by Inabox Mobile App, which is an app and QR sticker system that offers a full storage solution so you can easily organise, store and find items around your home with the click of a button.

Anita used Inabox to help simplify the moving process, taking some of the stress out of such a high-pressure time.

The Inabox QR stickers can be used in conjunction with any box however, if you’re moving fragile items, we do recommend you use our Inabox Heavy Duty Containers for extra support. The Organise by Inabox mobile app allows you to personalise the moving process, you can take a picture of what you’ve packed away and can easily locate these items when you need them later.

Step by Step Moving Instructions

  1. Buy your ready-printed QR stickers from your local Bunnings Warehouse
  2. Download the free Organise by Inabox app
  3. Scan one of the QR stickers
  4. Give your box a name, location and description
  5. Take a photo of the contents

Now you’re ready to move!

The QR stickers make the whole unpacking process easy! If you aren’t ready to unpack everything in one go, you can use the search function within the mobile app to find specific items such as scissors and kitchen items – genius!

If you’d like to find out more about how you can use our QR stickers and mobile app for next move, click here. You can also take a look at Anita’s whole moving process. For more moving tips and tricks take a look at our blog Plan Your Next Move with Everything Organised  – We hope these tips make your next move even easier!

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