Let’s organise your bathroom to make your life easier! We’ll guide you through creating a functional and clean space that you enjoy spending time in.

Decluttering your bathroom is going to make your morning and night time routine so much easier! First things first, move all the products out of the cabinets or drawers to where you can see exactly what you have then let’s get rid of any product that is out of date or you don’t use.

Organisation tip – check the expiry date of your make up products! Majority of make-up products do not last past 12 months once opened. 

We all get bath products as presents at Christmas time that you just aren’t going to utilise and these can end up gathering dust at the back of your bathroom cupboard. If you have any unopened products that you no longer want to keep, we suggest gifting these to a friend or family member.

Now that you only have your bathroom products that you use start sorting them in to sections; we suggest doing a skincare section, make-up section, and a haircare section. We can then further breakdown these categories if you have a lot of products in your routine with categories such as morning skincare and night skincare.

When placing products back into your bathroom always arrange it from smallest at the front to largest at the back of the cupboard. This method is going to help your bathroom stay tidy and keep all of your bathroom products easily accessible. For a streamlined look in your bathroom keep the items on top of your counter to a minimum.

Organisation tip – adding a touch of greenery to your bathroom can help to freshen up the room.

For a larger family with multiple people using the same bathroom we suggest dividing your bathroom products by person, this way that person is responsible for keeping their items tidy. You can do this with Inabox modular containers and a simple labelling system to ensure everyone has their own organised bathroom space.

Now you’re ready to light a candle and enjoy your organised bathroom space. To check out our entire range of modular containers click here. For more storage tips and tricks, check out our organisation blogs here!

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