Do you need to restore some order to your shoe collection? Our new Inabox Home Clear and Grey Shoe Boxes might be just what you have been looking for.

We are excited to introduce two new products to our Inabox Home range…meet our new Clear and Grey Shoe Boxes. Now available at selected marketplaces online!

Available in two versatile colour ways the new shoe boxes are available in clear and grey! The grey shoe box features solid grey sides and our signature clear door whilst our clear shoe box features transparent sides and door with a white back. The clear shoe boxes are the perfect selection for those wanting to fully display their collection and easily see all their options no matter the angle. The grey shoe boxes are ideal if you’re wanting to keep a neutral colour palette in your home and can also be used as a storage option for items other than shoes.

Inabox shoe boxes

Save space with multi-layered stacking technology! Our new Shoe Boxes have been designed with stackable storage in mind. Their in-built plastic grooves will ensure boxes can be stacked securely, giving you the freedom to find your favourite shoe box layout. For our enthusiastic shoe collectors, that means there is no limit to the number of shoes you can display in your home, meaning you can keep adding to that collection.

We know the last thing you want to do when you get home is put your shoes away correctly and it’s always tempting to just kick them off and let them land where they may. However, the easy grab and go door function makes it easier than ever to store and pop away your shoes, and the satisfaction you will get from keeping an organised closet will be well worth it. The exclusive lift and slide door design means easy access whether you’re coming or going and even when stacked the door seamlessly tucks away.

transparent shoe box

The shoe boxes also feature ventilation in the base of each box, which promotes aeration to prevent odours and mould from getting into your shoes. This feature will help to keep your favourite shoes in prime condition!

The new shoe boxes are made from a strong, durable, acrylic material that is going to protect your shoe collection long-term and prolong the lifespan of your shoes. This sturdy material makes assembly super easy as all the sides effortlessly snap into place with just one click and you are done!

Now that you’ve learnt a little about our new shoe box range, check them out here! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our blog! See our entire home range here.

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