Need a paw organising your pet supplies? Pets become members of the family and can often make as much mess as children especially with the endless number of toys! Let’s organise all your pet supplies to make everyday life a breeze for you and your four-legged best friend.

As always let’s start with decluttering! We often let the quantity of pet supplies build up over time especially if you aren’t discarding broken toys or old leashes as you replace them. Don’t be afraid to start listing your unwanted but still in great condition items for sale online! There is a consistent need for pet goods, whether someone is getting a puppy or need to replace a chewed-up dog bed.

Let’s get sorted, our modular containers paired with our insert trays are perfect for all the little knick-knacks you have for your pet when it comes to grooming, treats, toys and everything else! It’s a great idea to keep pet supplies in the areas that you’d naturally need them. Keep all your pet walking gear including leads, harnesses, pick up bags and dog water bottles organised near the front door ready to go.

Organise Your Pet Supplies

Are you guilty of spoiling your pet with toys? Us too, the bigger the better! The only trouble with the larger plush toys and rope toys is that you are then stuck with storing them. Our stackable crates are perfect for storing those larger toys as they enable you to store bulky items that don’t need to perfectly fit.


  • Invest in high quality pet supplies, this will decrease the needfor never-ending replacements.
  • Get your DIY on! If your cat has destroyed its scratcher, instead of replacing the entire thing head down to Bunnings and re-wrap it with new rope.
  • Organise a pet wardrobe container. A lot of pet owners love dressing up their pets for Halloween or Christmas or they have a winter wardrobe.
  • Getting a second puppy or kitten? Do a quick stocktake of what you already have from your first fur child.

Whether your pet has a special diet or a healthy appetite there is no doubt you have a lot of food to store for them! The big bags of dry pet food can be annoying to store and are not very aesthetically pleasing, so keep the bags organised in our modular containers for a seamless look to your laundry or pet food cupboard.

Organise Your Pet Supplies

Certified dog grooming specialist? You no doubt have a lot of patience and grooming supplies! Once you catch them its handy to have everything you need in the one container. Our insert trays are great for organising all your pet grooming needs such as nail clippers, brushes, shampoo and conditioner.

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