We recently collaborated with Roísín and Zac from @Geebungalow to help organise their storage room with Inabox Heavy Duty Containers and Insert Trays. Roísín and Zac take us through how they organised the space in three easy steps!

Located in Queensland, Australia, Roísín and Zac have a storage area under their home that isn’t weatherproof. Even after building walls to further enclose the space, they found it was still getting quite dirty and dusty. To help keep the dirt and dust away from their valuable possessions the couple have used our garage storage range to organise the space.

Geebungalow Collaboration

When approaching their storage room transformation, they tackled it in three simple steps. Check them out below!

Step 1: Pull EVERYTHING Out

Roísín and Zac started the organisation process by pulling everything out of their storage room! This step enabled them to see exactly what they have so they could declutter accordingly. Roísín and Zac have a lot of renovation supplies that needed organising as they are consistently taking on new DIY projects around their home.

Geebungalow Collaboration

Step 2: Create Categories

Once Roísín and Zac had everything removed from the storage area they began sorting! They chose to split their items into paint prep, garden care, holiday decorations and sports equipment categories plus more. They found that they had a lot of paint supply double ups that they may have otherwise re-purchased if they didn’t organise their storage area. The insert trays made this step easy and allowed the couple to group smaller items without the risk of them getting lost in the larger container.

Step 3: Pack it up and keep it organised

Roísín and Zac wisely measured their space at the start of the organisation process which made packing everything up at the end super straightforward for them! The Heavy-Duty Containers fit perfectly on their existing garage racking, creating the ultimate streamlined storage.

Now for the difficult part, keeping the space organised! Roísín and Zac confessed that this would be the challenge! We know everyone gets busy especially this growing family but having dedicated spaces for items makes it easier to get into and maintain a routine.

We hope this collaboration has inspired you to consider the organisation possibilities in your garage / home storage spaces! You can watch @geebungalow’s entire transformation here. For more garage organisation tips and tricks take a look at our garage organisation blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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