We recently partnered with Mikayla Crisp to bring her partner Jack the perfect Father’s Day present, a garage transformation! Dads are always left to do the jobs that no one else wants to do, so why not surprise your dad by helping to complete one of these jobs.

The Crisp family’s garage was overflowing with kids’ toys, workout gear and much more, that’s where our range of garage storage solutions came in handy! With the help of our Heavy Duty Container range Mikayla transformed the family’s much-loved garage to an amazing multi-purpose space with enough room for everyone to enjoy.

Mikayla began the transformation journey with a quick trip to her local Bunnings Warehouse to pick up everything needed to organise the garage. She picked up a variety of our Heavy Duty Containers and a couple of heavy duty shelving units to make the most of her garage space. Our entire Heavy Duty Container range fits perfectly in this shelving for a sleek finish, plus they’re stackable if you don’t have shelving!

Mikayla turned this organisation activity into a family affair with the help of her brother to make the task much more fun. The pair began organising the space by moving everything out of the garage, making room to include the shelving units and helping to see the space they were working with. Having everything removed made it easier for Mikayla to sort through everything and divide into categories.

When it comes to decluttering your garage take your time to figure out how you see yourself using the space day to day, this will help to layout the space! It’s important to be considerate when decluttering as something you may never use could be a must-have to your partner, or that toy you thought your kids had forgotten about is suddenly missed.

Tip – Mikayla made this process more enjoyable with a good playlist and a few quick dance breaks!

The family revealed the new space to Jack as an early Father’s Day present as they couldn’t keep Jack out of the garage for too long! You can check out the whole transformation here to see Jack’s reaction, we think happy would be an understatement. Mikayla stated that Jack’s love language is acts of service, making this the perfect Father’s Day gift for him.

Take a look at Mikayla’s entire garage transformation here. Find out more about our complete range of garage storage solutions here! For more garage organisation tips and tricks take a look at our garage organisation blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.


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