Are you interested in creating a functional play system where your kids aren’t feeling overwhelmed by choice? We have partnered with Interior designer, Gina, from Style Curator to explore the concept of Toy Rotation in her home.

What is Toy Rotation

Toy Rotation is founded on the idea that children aren’t able to focus their creative energy and get the most out of their toys because they are overwhelmed by choice. Toy rotation reduces the number of toys on offer and allows them to actually engage with the toys they have in front of them.

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Setting Up a Toy Rotation System

Step 1: Storage set up  

Now, the number of boxes needed is going to vary based on the quantity of toys, however, we do advise decluttering while you’re at it! For easy stackable storage we recommend using our modular storage containers paired with QR stickers for game changing organisation.

Step 2: Gather all toys

Gather all your kids’ toys and lay them out flat so you can see the whole collection, remember this part is meant to be messy but it’s for the greater good.

Step 3: Sort & Declutter

Time to sort! Get started by organising all your kids’ toys into themes such as puzzles, soft toys, construction, figurines, craft and books. During the process you can clearly see what toys you have in excess and declutter accordingly.

Step 4: Divide into boxes

Let’s get to the fun part, the organising! To best create a rotation system, each box should include a balanced mix of toys from difference categories, for example, don’t put all the puzzles together, make sure there is variety. While dividing into boxes we recommend capturing a photo of what toys are in each box and utilising the Organise by Inabox mobile app to keep track of the location through it’s QR code labelling system.

Quick Tip: We find the search function on the Organise by Inabox app super helpful for when your child requests a particular toy in a hurry.

Step 5: Step up their space

Pick your first rotation box and start by putting all the toys from that box on display, displaying the toys will help to reduce clutter and make the toys more appealing.

Step 6: Keep on track

We have set you up to make it easy to stay on top of your rotation! Simply head into the Organise by Inabox app that has a quick list and image of what is in each box. Remember to update what is in each box on the app as you make changes.

Toy Rotation - Gina - Inabox 1

Gina has listed some key benefits of implementing a Toy Rotation system – check them out below!

  • Streamlining your home environment
  • Creating a new sense of enjoyment with the toys they have
  • Helping your children to have increased focus
  • Speeding up pack time
  • Making it easier to for you to declutter toys
  • Encouraging children to tidy up
  • Freeing up more space for play
  • Giving your children the freedom to flex their imagination

Style Curator Tip:  Remember that this system is completely adaptable to your lifestyle, boxes can be interchanged at your own pace and toys can be added or removed from rotation as needed.

There you have it, everything you need to start a Toy Rotation System! To find out more about Style Curator’s Toy Rotation journey check out their blog. If you’re looking for more storage tips and tricks head over here to our Inabox blog for all things storage.

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